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 there was a shot in the dark {open}

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there was a shot in the dark {open} Empty
PostSubject: there was a shot in the dark {open}   there was a shot in the dark {open} I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 12:21 pm

there was a shot in the dark {open} Tumblr_m5gx3zIcBo1r1yj84


Hayden woke up early that morning. She liked getting up at the crack of dawn; Hayden was one of those lucky people that could get three hours of sleep and still be functional. Grabbing her notebook, she walked around the empty camp, appreciating the silence that seemed to wrap around her. The camp was only as silent as herself during these early hours. Maybe a few other campers were up, but most didn’t actually get up until they were forced too. After jogging to New Rome and back, Hayden placed her notebook back into the small pocket on the inside of her jack and withdrew her knife. She had nothing much to do (as Hayden was not in the mood to draw), and no one was up. It wasn’t like Hayden was going to get much company from anyone in camp anyways. But she was going to get food from the mess hall; which didn’t seem to be open this early. There went Hayden’s dreams of a muffin.

So she found herself sprawled out on a bench in front of the 2nd cohort barracks, twirling her knife between her fingers. Despite having many physical disabilities, Hayden was particularly sharp with a knife. Grabbing it tightly in her fist, Hayden pulled the knife back, thrust her fist forward and let go. It wasn’t a particularly hard throw, but the knife whizzed past someone and stuck to the rafters at the the top of the doorframe. Hayden retrieved it quickly, before giving a nonchalant glance towards the person whom she had almost hit in the face with a knife.

Hayden|Apollo|13|2nd Cohort
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there was a shot in the dark {open} Empty
PostSubject: Re: there was a shot in the dark {open}   there was a shot in the dark {open} I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 5:56 pm

Caspian liked the cold, as it reminded him of home. So every morning he woke up about an hour before dawn to walk around in the brisk air before everyone else was awake. He walked from the first cohort barracks to the lake, which had frozen over in the cold weather, and back to the camp. He entertained himself for a while, slicing dead branches off trees with his cutlass, melting snow and then watching the boiling water react on the frozen ground. It wasn't the most fun in the world, but it stopped him from talking to himself. He was about to go into the first cohort barracks to grab a jacket before everyone got up. He didn't exactly like people seeing his arms, but he saw no reason to wear a jacket when no one else was up. About 20 meters from the door, he heard footsteps coming from the second cohort barracks. Wondering who else was up this early, he went to go investigate, only to have a knife almost slice his nose off. He mentally smacked himself for not being aware of it, before saying a simply "Hello" to the girl who had thrown the knife in the first place. She seemed a bit familiar, which he attributed to the fact that the first and second cohorts often worked together.
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there was a shot in the dark {open} Empty
PostSubject: Re: there was a shot in the dark {open}   there was a shot in the dark {open} I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 8:34 pm

Ichigo had heard a ruckus going on across the hall outside of the Second Cohort Barracks, when to his surprise, Hayden, as he had often heard her called, barely sitting outside on a bench. In a quick contemplation of how to "Ichigo it up" as he liked to say, and went through the cohorts back door before flinging himself on a bit of wind to the top and stealthily strode across the roof to where he remembered Hayden to be. To his surprise, a boy from First who has been associated with pyromaniacs and such, while trying to match the boys name to his face and reputation, but Ichigo lost concentration of what he was doing and fell off the roof to barely cushion his fall before lightly slamming his body on the floor and looking up, "Howdy.." Ichigo winced as he sat up and leaned against the wall.

Shizune Chibi Vulcanus Decimo, Son of Ira, Descendant of Vulcan, First Cohort, 16

Ichigo Ragnar Sullivan, Legacy of Jupiter and Chaos, Second Cohort
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there was a shot in the dark {open} Empty
PostSubject: Re: there was a shot in the dark {open}   there was a shot in the dark {open} I_icon_minitime

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there was a shot in the dark {open}
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