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 Ellie's little Babies

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PostSubject: Ellie's little Babies   Ellie's little Babies I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2015 5:34 pm

Name: Esmerelda Ainsley Johnston
Age/Birthday: 15 years old, born on November first, 1999.
Gender: Female
God Parent: Minevra-goddess of wisdom and war
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Kevin Johnston (Father, Alive), Flynn Johnston (step-brother, deceased)
Years in Camp: This is her first.
Rank: Probatio
Cohort: N/A
Brief History: What's the most cliche Goddess-of-wisdom-meeting-mortal story you can think of?  Go on, use your imagination.  Chances are, you said, "meeting in law school" or something.  You'd be exactly right.  That is where Minevra and Kevin met.  Kevin had already had a son, who was five at the time and severely autistic, named Flynn.  Minevra and Kevin had a one night stand, and nearly a year later, he found little Esmerelda on his doorstep.

Kevin did his best to raise his daughter right.  He took her to school, fed her healthy food, with the weekly ice cream cone, and overall was very loving to her.  They were close, but not as close as she was with her brother, who, when she was 11, tried to dry himself...but...not with a towel, with the laundry dryer.  Es's screams announced the grisly results: a bloody, bruised, and burned body.  Since then, she has demanded that Kevin do the laundry, and fell into a temporary depression.  She had blamed herself for it, believing that she could've saved him.

At the age of fifteen, just a few days ago, Esmerela's father took her to a camp, saying that she needed to go here, because she was different.  It was the truth, but Esme had trouble with it at first.  No monsters had attacked, fortunately.  Later on, she found out that it was Camp Jupiter, for children of Roman gods and goddesses.
Physical Appearance: Es has long, curly brown hair, and intense, light grey eyes that often startle most people.  They seem to be ice, cold, and unforgiving, and, as far as beauty goes, they contrast nicely with her brown hair.  She wears the camp shirt and khaki shorts, as well as some Nike tennis shoes.  She is tall and skinny, but not bony, more muscle tone.
Personality: Esmerelda has always liked seeing people in fear.  She's not a sadist, she doesn't like to see people in pain, but fear, she has always liked.  To her friends, she is rather kind, however indifferent she may be.  She doesn't feel a lot of emotion, but when she does, and it's a negative one, everyone runs for the hills.  A pissed off Esmerelda is terrifying.  When she is having a good day, she doesn't talk much anyways, but her friends know they are safe with her.
Fatal Flaw: Hubris
Pets: An owl named "Poot"
Talents: "I'm smart, does that count?"
Weapons: A good old fashioned Imperial Gold switchblade.
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Lord Blazy
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PostSubject: Re: Ellie's little Babies   Ellie's little Babies I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2015 3:33 am

Hello Ellie! I'm sorry to inform you that Minerva is a "Triad Parent" as found on . I encourage you to save this character for when you meet the requirements on the the page, but for now you will need to make a character that ISN'T a Triad, again I apologize for the inconvenience, please go over the rules so you utilize your time. Thank you! I hope to see you with another character soon! :D

EDIT: Also, please try to make your sentences more flowing, and not choppy, so try your best to make them more natural, you can use other characters as an example for how to do the above.

Shizune Chibi Vulcanus Decimo, Son of Ira, Descendant of Vulcan, First Cohort, 16

Ichigo Ragnar Sullivan, Legacy of Jupiter and Chaos, Second Cohort
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Ellie's little Babies
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